About me

My name is «Edgar Percy Almiron Alferez», I was borned in 1982 in a little and beautiful town from Arequipa called «La Joya» which is around 1 hour drive from the center of Arequipa city. I was raised speaking spanish and Quechua (Inca language).

I studied for being an official tourism guide in «Andrew Pitowskie institute» and I specialized in trekking. Before working as a Mountain Tour Guide in the Colca Canyon, I worked as a bartender in the celebrity cruiser «Infinity» and thanks to that I was able to know almost the whole america.

Right now I’m 37 years old and been working as a mountain tour guide for over 12 years, that means I have adquired lots of experience and know to handle different situations.

I love being in the Colca Canyon but also spending time with my beautiful family. My daughter’s name is «Luciana Imasumac» and my wife’s name is «Beatriz», they are my big passion and I try to spend most of my time with them when I’m not in the mountains.

If you are coming to Peru and would like to spend some time with me trekking in the mountains, don’t doubt in contacting me.

+925,000 km

37 years old

Borned in 1982